Defund the Police Will Lead to Defund the Military

Will Defund the Police Calls lead to Defunding the Military?

If you believe that God ordained in scripture four divine institutions and laws of divine establishment for the protection of freedoms within a nation, or if you believe the Great Charter of Freedoms, commonly known as the Magna Carta of 1215, it is clear from recent events in our city streets that these principles are under attack.

Communist doctrine has long made us aware of their objective to destroy the United States of America internally and, ultimately, by foreign occupation. The movement to defund the police is one small step away from defunding the military.

If someone desires to destroy America, both defund movements are effective: the police protect freedom internally from criminal activity, and the military protects freedom from external enemies. If either, or both, of these laws of establishment are eliminated, totalitarianism is on the horizon.

Who exactly is proposing this movement to defund the police and, ultimately, the military? A relatively small percentage of the protesters/rioters are ANTIFA (so-called anti-fascists acting just like Hitler’s Brown Shirt terrorists).

Pew Research states that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests consists of 17% black protesters, 46% white, and 22% Hispanic. That leaves only 15% identified as other races and the hardcore activists like ANTIFA. One might surmise that over 85% of the protesters are participants of insurrection without grievance of personal persecution.

Outside the few that are on a mission to destroy America, the composition of the protesters suggests that the primary systemic problem causing this lawlessness, in conjunction with awareness of racial injustice, is the failure to generationally teach our younger people the institutions and laws of establishment safeguarding freedom.

The foundational institution is the individual and his volition. With exceptions, all individuals have the capability to make decisions, and with that freedom comes the requirement to accept responsibility for those decisions and their consequences. It is called character, or integrity.

The character of a nation is dependent upon the personal character of its citizens. Stated another way, the continued existence of our republic depends on the aggregate character of her people. This precept dictates the efficacy of the Constitution. The Constitution can become meaningless if the character of the people does not underpin and enforce it. Failure to do so leads to the arousal of laws defied, riot, anarchy, and destruction of the government.

Current events, and the ideology supporting this behavior, suggests that our nation has indeed failed to teach the tenets of freedom from generation to generation. The truths of the divine institutional requirements for a free society, and the laws of establishment that secure those freedoms are lost in the mentality of many, who collectively, have the capacity to destroy the United States of America.

Other than individuals bent on destroying the nation, enemies both internal and external, no rational person believes that defunding the police, and therein, inciting a rampant criminal environment, is a desirable outcome. Defunding the military is the next logical step in a downward spiral. First comes internal chaos and loss of freedom. Then, comes military defeat.

One might ask: How did we get here? And how do we reverse this destructive trend?

The logical answer would be to restore to common knowledge that God’s divine institutions, or tenets of the Magna Carta, if one prefers, and the laws of establishment, are paramount to national survival.

What are the institutions: the individual and volitional responsibility restored to our citizenry, marriage, family teaching character and integrity to the children of the nation, and a government focused on upholding individual freedoms rather than extinguishing freedom.

Fund the police and protect citizens from criminality. Fund the military and ensure freedom by way of military victory.