Book Two

Drums Of War

"A Full Measure" TRILOGY

Drums of War, Book II of the A Full Measure trilogy, follows the established themes of Book I, West Point, and its characters. The reader will accompany Jake Jacobs through the last eighteen months of his days at West Point for a rematch with Cruikshank at the Brigade Boxing Championship, the transition from follower to leader, an up-close view of the Cadet Honor Code in action, and Mobilization Day. Heartbreak comes, and Jake learns a valuable lesson from the words of Admiral Hollifield. Following graduation, the reader will follow Jake Jacobs through Special Forces training, accompany him as his team thwarts a terrorist hijacking of an American Airliner, and tag along with hm to South Vietnam to escort a VIP out of the country on the last day of America’s presence in the Vietnam War. Most terrorist organizations of this period were underwritten and trained by the Soviet Union to sabotage and impair nations to expand a Communist world order and to destabilize the West. It is from this opportunity that the book’s antagonist connects the reader to the funding of terrorism by means of drug trafficking and money laundering. Jake is assigned to track the threat down, find out who and how, and to organize the mitigation of the national threat. Meanwhile, the reader’s anticipation grows as to whether near misses of reconnection between Jake and Sara will lead to a mended relationship.


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