Book Three

Thundering White Crosses

"A Full Measure" TRILOGY

Thundering White Crosses, Book III of the trilogy, reveals a set of complex themes with contemporary repercussions. With an assignment back at West Point as an instructor, Jake finds that the institution of his affection is changing, driven by the winds of political whims and a shifting national culture. Jake questions if the future of West Point can remain true to its mission and provide the nation with the same continuity of military leadership as it has in the past or will all the academies become a casualty of the Capitol Beltway. Rumors have circled for years of a high-level Soviet mole. If true, this mole is the most dangerous traitor the nation has experienced. A compulsion to find this mole is forced upon Jake. It is a duty, and it has become personal. Running parallel to the search, someone is vetting and assassinating corrupt politicians, labeling them as domestic enemies. Jake’s search for the mole takes him to Afghanistan, to Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, and to the most dangerous environment — the halls of Capitol Hill. If the first two books of the trilogy were a rollercoaster ride, Thundering White Crosses accelerates the ride and exhilarates the reader with compelling twists and turns.


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